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Claes Janson
Bill Öhrström
Rolf Wickström
Ulf Andersson
Barbara Hendricks
Svenne Hedlund
Göran Engman
Samuel Hällkvist

Fun to know?
I started my music career in the death metal band Ethereal where I was a guitarist and growl singer. When I wasn´t head banging my hair coverd half of my face.

I have an engagement at Swedish Hammond to demonstrate their Hammond organs.

Part of my story
It wasn´t until the last year of highschool that I discovered the Hammond organ. A remarkable fact considering that I grew up in Borlänge, a town that has produced two of Sweden´s most prominent jazz organ players, Nippe Sylwén and Pierre Swärd.

I started playing the piano in fifth grade, but gave it up a few years later to play the guitar. When I discovered jazz music at the age of 16 I switched back to the piano, and then one winter night in my last year of high school I went to see Pierre Swärd in concert at a place in my hometown. He was playing the Hammond B3 with a trio. The sound, the power of the instrument and Pierre´s intense playing made it clear that there was only one way to go, to start playing the organ. After that I never looked back and has been playing the Hammond exclusively ever since.

On a spring day of 2002 while struggling with some assignment in the computer rooms of the university I got a very surprising phone call. It was Thomas asking me to join his new band. At the time we hadn´t met, but I had listened extensively to Kjell Öhman´s Organ Grinders records featuring Thomas on the guitar. I was excited not to say flattered by the request and I´m really happy the band is still around. It brings out the best of all its members. No matter where we play, whether it´s the local pub or a blues festival abroad, you´re never worried about how it´ll go. By the time Thomas finishes his 4 bar intr to "Funky Mama" you´re already in the zone.


Andreas Hellkvist
Andreas Hellkvist  Photo: Palli Kristmundsson
Photo: Palli Kristmundsson

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