Thomas Arnesen  Photo: Jan Stenberg

Thomas Arnesen - guitar and vocals
Born in Mora, Sweden. Has in the last four decades established himself as an all-round jazz and blues guitarist. Has toured in Europe, Japan and India participating in many TV and radio broadcasts. Four CD:s are released in his name. "Backwater Blues", "Back Again" and "Later in the Evening", on Sittel records and "Walkin´With My Baby" on Blaze records.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx More about Thomas.

Andreas Hellkvist  Photo: Palli Kristmundsson

Andreas Hellkvist - Hammond B3
Born in Borlänge, Sweden. A wizard on his instrument. Equally impressive accompanying me or delivering one of his burning solos that can cut through the harmonies with a fierce spirit which affects everyone in the house. He means business. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx More about Andreas.

Anders Forsberg  Photo: Jan Stenberg

Anders Forsberg - piano
Born in Kalix, Sweden. A former fusion musician with an accurate beat and a steady blues feel. Very innovative in his attitude towards the songs which will sound different depending on the audience, the acoustics or his mood on that day. Always in tune with the here and now. He has a deceptive outer calm in his personal approach.xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx More about Anders.

Björn Lundquist  Photo: Jan Stenberg

Björn Lundquist - electric bass
Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Highly appreciated by everyone in the business and has a great groove and sound. Thomas and Björn started playing together in a small pub in Stockholm. The pay wasn´t great, but the food was and cuisine is a mutual interest of theirs. Björn is an excellent bass player that makes it easy for everyone else to play.xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx More about Björn.

Ola Ragnar  Photo: Palli Kristmundsson

Ola Ragnar - drums
Born in Linköping, Sweden. He plays his mini/very transportable Yamaha-set with a formidable accuracy. Be it laid back, afro-cuban or shuffle. very "big ears" and a wonderful sound from skins and ride. Organic drumming. Not just only marking the b.p.m. but also serving them on a gold-platter. Following the intensions of the soloist.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
More about Ola.

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