Fun to know?
I have given Sylvia Vrethammar a hug. I love "old lady like" curtains and I am a sneak-ornithologist.

I play/have played with:
Louise Hoffsten
Peps Person
Amando Jarr & his highlife orchestra
Music for drama at the following theatres:
- Dramaten, Stockholm
- Stockholms Stadsteater
- Pantomimteatern, Stockholm
Linköping BigBand
Linköpings orkesterförening
Linköpings musikkår
Sara Lindvall
Cindy Peters
Tore Svanerud
Monaco bluesband
Thomas Grans bluesband
Harmonica Henry and the bluesbreakers
Jump 4 Joy
Slim Notini
Nine Miles

Ola Ragnar
Ola Ragnar  Photo: Palli Kristmundsson
Photo: Palli Kristmundsson

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Ola Ragnar  Photo: Palli Kristmundsson xxxxx Ola Ragnar  Photo: Palli Kristmundsson

Ola Ragnar  Foto: Andreas Hellkvist