"Raw energy from the word go and Arnesen, an exceptional guitarist, has picked a formidable repetoire. Groovy and intense!"
Dagens Nyheter

"I have seldom heard a more audacious band in this genre. The audience is with them from start to finish. Thomas Arnesen is a high class musician, who truly masters his instrument."
Nerikes Allehanda

"A very skillful band that features Arnesen, a virtuoso guitarist, and the equally inspired pianist Forsberg soaring over the rock steady rhythm section. After gently strolling through one song, they will rip in the next."
Karlskoga Tidning

"Arnesen´s guitar has a wide area of styles and feels. In one tune you can hear a roaring Hendrix and in the next he´s toned down to a mellow T-Bone Walker. Although he knows his masters he plays with his own voice, technically and harmonically. The keyboards also add to the show with great skill in the solos and ensembles and the rhythm section is terrific. Arnesen Blues Band did it again, this time even better!"
Sundsvalls Tidning

"Arnesen Blues Band is a very skilled ensemble where the combination piano and organ adds extra spice to the sound. A firm and steady rhythm section and elegant virtuosity among the soloists marks out this band."
Uppsala Nya Tidning

"Arnesen knows his traditions. His interpretations have a personal touch and the original tunes blend in very well. His voice is not rough but warm and very expressive."
Skaraborgs Allehanda

"Arnesen put himself up front. His capacity to do so is beyond doubt. The back-up from his band is solid and unusually competent. Sometimes this quintet feels like a big band."
Uppsala Nya Tidning

Places we have played at.

Cordoba Bluesfestival, Spanien
Wien Bluesfestival, Österrike
Malmö Bluesfestival
Eslöv Bluesfestival
Östersund Bluesfestival
Huddinge Bluesfestival
Mönsterås Bluesfestival
Haparanda Kalottjazz
Holmen Bluesfestival
Härnösand jazzklubb
Örnsköldsvik jazzklubb
Sundsvalls jazzklubb
Sollefteå jazzklubb
Katalin, Uppsala
Borlänge jazz&blues
Halmstad bluesförening
Stampen, Stockholm
Big Ben, Stockholm
Blues at Sea
Örebro jazzklubb
Motala jazzklubb
Karlskoga jazzklubb
Louise, Göteborg
Svarta Börsen, Jönköping
Östhammar jazzklubb
Norrtälje jazzklubb

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