Other instruments that I play:
Played the piano as my first instrument. Started tearing the guitar at 13.
Have also given lessons in el. bass and drums.

Fun to know?
Very fond of cooking although no master chef. Reads a lot.

Part of my story
When you have travelled a bit of the way down the road it´s possible to look both forward and backward.

I grew up in a musical home. Dad played the violin and Mum the piano.

My sisters and I used to stand in a semicircle around the piano singing Alice Tegnérs children´s songs while staring at our mother´s hands dancing over the keys. At other times I used to sit beside the pedals and listen to her playing Chopin preludes.

She belonged to that generation whose parents wanted their daughters to be able to play the piano, dance, paint with watercolours and conduct themselves socially with lady-like manners.

My father was a completely self-taught violinist. He replaced technique with an impetuous feeling that had an almost reckless quality. Swaying about like a lightship in full storm, he syncopated his way through "Dark Eyes" with perfect intonation and a tone that was immaculate. He almost scared us to death. Mum accompanied.

I´m sure it was Dad who thought me not to be afraid of playing what felt natural. How it sounds inside you. The way you think it ought to be. Things that can´t be written down in terms of notes on paper. My father sweated blood when he played.

I began to climb up on the piano stool when I was 4 years old. My parents soon found a lady piano teacher, from then onwards it was all about notes, Mozart, Schumann and others. Playing the piano is a lot of fun but it is not like a violin. We had some 78´s at home with Jelly Roll Morton, Meade Lux Lewis, Charlie Norman and others who I tried my best to copy by ear in between the lessons. At some time I heard B.B. King on the radio and realised that the electric guitar could be played in the same register as the violin. Mum, bless her, went out and bought me an LP of B.B. King. She also had ears for the blues. Why would she have listened to Dad´s violin otherwise?

The piano was my first instrument. Invaluable to have in one´s "Baggage". The guitar by comparison is an exacting test of one´s coordination and for me a love/hate relationship thing. Expressive - and exposing! An extension of the song in the blues where words say more than words. A music form with which I have always felt at home even before I ever heard it, if you don´t count Dad´s violin.

As I, in my early teens. abandoned (slightly) the piano for the guitar, it was with the intension to learn how to express myself within the blues area. To me this music has always been very basic and natural. In a way the "mother" of music. Saying this is, of course, risking my neck, but so be it. The blues is so to speak the music of my own backyard and it feels convienient and easy to compose songs in this tradition.


I play / have played with:
Kjell Öhman
Claes Janson
Anders Widmark
Sara Isaksson
Rebecka Törnquist
Robert Wells
Tomas Ledin
Bill Öhrström
Gustavo Bergalli
Egil Johansen
Karin Hammar
Claes Lindqvist
Mikael Skoglund
Bertil Strandberg
Bosse Broberg
Ulf Andersson
Panta Rei
Öhman Organ Grinders
Anders Widmark Troupe
and others.....

Thomas Arnesen
Thomas Arnesen  Photo: Jan Stenberg
Photo: Jan Stenberg

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Thomas Arnesen  Photo: Morgan Jansson Thomas Arnesen  Photo: Morgan Jansson

Thomas Arnesen  Photo: Åke Dahlberg